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This web project invites anyone to participate in an artistic process. This process has three phases:

1/The German writer Goethe discovered Islam, Sufism and another world view through the poetry of the Persian poet Hafez. He was so fascinated by this revelation that he decided to write a poetry bundle, the West-East Diwan, as an ode to this other world.

2/We decided to continue this artistic process, by asking twenty contemporary audio and visual artists to create a work inspired by the 'Diwans' poetry of Hafez and Goethe. Firstly a number of artists made sound creations, each one inspired by a selected poem. Then visual artists answered with their own creative interpretation, based on both the poem and the sound work. In this way we curated a series of original audio-visual poetry based on the 'Diwans' poetry.

3/ Now we invite you to continue this process of artistic responses by sending your own creative audio-visual interpretation. You can contribute either to one of the poems directly or to an already existing audio-visual creation.

How to respond with your own creation.

Select a POEM or an already existing CREATION to which you want to respond. (you can do that in EXPERIENCE, DIALOGUE or EXPLORE)

>you selected a POEM:
Let yourself be inspired by the text and create an audio-track or a video as an artistic reponse yourself. Export it in .mov (or .aac format for audio), click the 'PARTICIPATE' button, fill out the form and upload your creation.

>you selected an already existing CREATION:

Go to the CREATION (in the DIALOGUE space) to which you want to respond, click the 'PARTICIPATE' button, download the creation to which you want to respond, chose the audio or video track, erase the other - not needed - track in your editing programme and create your own image/sound interpretation, inspired by a "diwans.org" poem.
Finally, export the file as .mov/.aac, fill out the form and upload your creation.

For questions: Please don't hesitate to contact us on: contact AT diwans DOT org

As soon as your video is uploaded, your interpretation will be part of this audio-visual intercultural dialogue. Thus your name will appear under the AUTHORS tab and your website will be linked to this site.

Only upload sound or images for which you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to use. This site operates under the Creative Common license CC BY-NC-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike). (All material * uploaded on this site is public domain, and can be reinterpreted creatively by others.)







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If you experience any troubles uploading, or if your connexion is too slow or unreliable, please contact us to find other means to send your creation: contact@diwans.org